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New Fall Schedule Starts Sept. 15th!

Aug 25, 2014

Wow! This has been super tricky...I have tried to offer something for everyone and create a schedule that is easy to follow! Soooooooo here it is...starting Sept. 15th I will be offering after school art classes in 4 week blocks.  You can register at any time with in the 4 weeks, your block will start with your first class.  You can also drop into any one class if you choose.  Please call or text 570.971.0413 at least 3 hours before the class so that I can have supplies ready for your child.  Oh and a complete side note on the cell service (or complete lack of) in the barn.  I don't get ANY cell service inside, AT&T has been less than cooperative in assisting me with this problem, soooooo if you need to contact me or continually get my voicemail it usually means that I am working or maybe just standing in one of the 500 dead spots around the property. Ha Ha!! No seriously...just give me a text at the number listed above.  While I do not get cell service I do have internet and wifi and will get your text or FB message.  As for the classes, your child will be able to dictate their projects by what type of art interests them the most.  If they like plaster mask making, then they can focus on that, or painting, or sewing...I will also be offering some special fall classes like pumpking carving and scarecrow making.  Thanks so much!! 

Annie Izumi

2014–15 Class Schedule

Classes run from September 15th through June 2015 in 4 week cycles and you can register at any time during a 4 week cycle!


Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media (ages 8–15)

  • Mondays 4–5pm $100/4 week session or $27/class 

This class is for older children interested in refining drawing,  painting and sculpture techniques. More emphasis on still life, shading, and perspective using, charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, acrylic as well as 3-D sculptural media such as plasticine clay and recycled materials. Students are encouraged to bring a picture or object they are interested in rendering so they feel more vested in the finished product. All lesson subjects are dictated by the student with a little help from Annie.

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media (ages 6–11)

  • Tuesdays 4–5pm $100/4 week session or $27/class 

 This year we work on refining already learned art techniques focusing on watercolor, pencil drawing and acrylic painting. More work in plasticine clay and sculptural techniques will be incorporated. This class accommodates many different ages and artistic styles.

Mixed Media (ages 6–8)

  • Wednesdays 4–5pm $100/4 week session or $27/class 

In this class we teach kids how to draw by learning to break down what they see. We work on developing perceptual and analytical skills by introducing the basics of shape, color, form and design. The studio offers a nonthreatening environment and students are given enough structure for success and enough freedom for creativity. We learn the basics of painting, color and 3-D sculptural design. 

Preschool Art Fun (ages 2–pre-K)

  • Tuesdays or Thursdays 1:15–2:15pm $100/4 week session or $27/class

Children will be engaged in creative exploration while building cognitive and physical skills. My belief is that young children need exposure to the arts in order develop their emerging sense of self.  Artistic expression is valuable to their development. Exposure to clay, plaster, paint, oil pastels and more.


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